Marshall County Jail Starts Beta Test of Remote Video Visitation

Marshall County Jail has becomes the first beta testing facility in the State of Indiana, for Remote Tablet Visitation.
Friends & Family can now visit with their loved one using their home computer, and even some smartphones or tablets.
The video below (How to schedule your first video visit!), courtesy of, has instructions on scheduling your first visit.
The promotional rate is only .15 (fifteen cents) per minute, which is less expensive that even the current telephone rates. Visits are scheduled in 15 or 30 minute blocks, but users will only be charged for the time they use.

Please be aware, that the older style of visitations are still in use as well, so if you need to come to the facility to visit, that option is still available.

**All free visitations must still be used at the facility, until we’re able to fully complete the transition to the telephone company’s hardware. We do not yet have a definitive date for this step, but we will do our best to keep you updated.

Video:  How to schedule your first video visit!

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