Sheriff Hassel
Sheriff Matthew Hassel

Sheriff Hassel came to our department as a veteran of law enforcement, and is no stranger to county functions.  He began his career with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department in 1981, when he was hired in a civilian capacity, as a Jail and Communications Officer.

In 1982, he decided to put his degree in Criminal Justice to further use, when he began working as a Reserve Officer at the Bremen Police Department.  This decision paid further dividends, when he was hired two years later as a full time Bremen Police Officer.

After working for the people of Bremen for eleven years, the desire to serve a greater portion of the county, motivated him to run for County Council.  In 1995, he was elected as District #1 Councilman, and in 2009, he was elected as the Council’s President.

In the time between Councilman and Council President, others took notice of his aptitude for leadership, and in 2001 appointed him as Chief of the Bremen Police Department; a title he held until his election to his current position of Sheriff, when he was also bound by the laws of the state, to remove himself from his long-held seat as a Councilman and its president.

With the support and love of his wife of nearly twenty-nine years, and a child who’s now a sophomore in college, Sheriff Hassel has become a prominent name in our community; not just as a political candidate or officer of the law, but also as someone who is determined to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Marshall County.

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