The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department is required by law, to release certain types of information to the public.  All persons depicted in any photograph or description who has not yet been convicted, is considered innocent until proven guilty.

26 thoughts on “Recent Bookings, News Releases, & Alerts

  1. Please notify Starke co detective Rob O. That she is detained by you because she is key suspect in a arson investigation. Thank you


  2. I received a call from scott snider stating he was in jail there but I cannot find any info under your bookings? is he in custody? Thank you.


    1. The Marshall County Jail currently has an inmate by that name, but without more information, we cannot confirm the identity. If you need more information, please call (574) 936-3187.


  3. I am trying to get information on my sons charges and don’t know who to contact. His name is Brandon Schoetzow. Would you please give me a phone number to call or website to go to so I may get this information please?


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