4 thoughts on “Marshall County Hiring Court Security Officer

  1. I just have one question how is it that someone can get pulled over and they arrest the passenger for a warrant in Marshall County and took him straight there when it was in LaPorte County Michigan City Indiana that this happened I thought when you got arrested you go to that County first and then you get escorted I’m just wondering how that got bypass


    1. It would depend on many factors, but I’d have to start by asking which agency arrested the person in question? Was it the Indiana State Police? Even if it wasn’t I.S.P., there is nothing in the law that states a person being arrested has to be taken to the nearest facility; at least not on a valid warrant. Normally departments require their officers to stay within their assigned area, unless first being approved, but that’s not to say they didn’t get approval.
      The fact of the matter is, that the person not being taken to the La Porte County Jail first, actually saved both departments money, which in turn saves tax dollars.
      This would also speed up the process of said person’s arraignment/court appearance and bonding process, which could help save their job (if they have one).


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